Henlo Hemp Treats - Small USA Business

We love connecting with other small USA, women-owned businesses whose values align with ours! That's why we are excited to announce the newest business on our site, Henlo Hemp!

About Henlo Hemp

"Bob had digestion issues. It wasn’t pleasant for him… (aww poor boi!) It wasn’t pleasant for my husband and I either… (eww! Your turn!) After trying different diets without much improvement, we read deeper into what ingredients we could use to make a treat for Bob. When we came across hemp seed oil, it really stood out. One of the key benefits is that it balances the meat-heavy diets most dogs have. We added hemp seed oil to Bob’s diet. Bob became a MUCH happier dog…HELLO! We wondered, why isn’t this more mainstream? So we started Henlo Hemp to share our knowledge and encourage dog owners to say hello, or rather Henlo, to the awesome benefits of hemp seed oil."


Henlo Hemp has 3 treat choice options

- Doing Me A Relax (Calming Formula)

- Stop DA Itch (Skin & Coat Formula)

- Move Like A Puppy (Hip & Join Formula)


Hempseed Oil Benefits

1. Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids helps to balance the saturated fat in meat heavy diets, which most dogs have, and supports a healthy blood pressure and reduced risk of heart-related problems.

2. Hemp seed oil has fiber, which is so important, and helps maintain a healthy balance in the gut, which keeps digestion regular and healthy.

3. Your dog’s brain loves these fatty acids to aid cognitive function, memory and behavior. 

4. They are immune boosting and inflammation fighting, perfect for the painful symptoms of arthritis, inflammatory bowels, itchy skin.

5. Chock full of vitamins, minerals and all 20 amino acids, dogs require them just like we do to keep healthy skin, strong bones and teeth and overall energy.


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January 02, 2022 — Amanda Gyetvay