Pet Theft - Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Safe
Here are some tips on how to keep your dog safe when dog theft is on the rise👇🏼

*be sure to share this with your dog friends to help bring more awareness💛

🐾leaving your fur baby unattended, even for a moment, makes him/her vulnerable to thieves.

🐾don’t leave your dog alone in the car (a determined thief will have no problem smashing your windows)

🐾if your backyard is accessible or visible to strangers, always keep a close eye on your dog

🐾keep your dog on a leash when walking, even if he/she is good off leash. Think of the leash as a safety net that keeps your dog close to your side (off leash makes them easier to snag)

🐾make sure your dog is microchipped & the contact info is up to date on files

🐾always have your documents of owning your pup accessible to you. Always have recent photos of your dog handy, too

🐾keep ID tags up to date

🐾consider getting a GPS tracker on your dog’s collar

🐾neuter your dog (makes them less valuable to thieves since they can’t breed them)

🐾choose dog walkers/sitters carefully (who wants us to do a video with @believe.pets on how to hire the right dog Walker/sitter?)

🐾install a dog camera

🐾when posting on social, wait until you leave the location before posting where you are

🐾stay up to date with events of dog napping in your area

🐾know where your dog is at all times!

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

  • Do a thorough home, yard, and neighborhood check.
  • Signs your dog may have been stolen:
    • house or vehicle have been broken into
    • backyard gate is opened
    • your dogs collar lying on the front sidewalk
  • Immediately report to the police that your dog was stolen. Remember to give as much detail as possible. Provide them with all information, photos, videos for them to identify your dog.
  • Notify the microchip registry know your dog may have been stolen. Ensure your details are up to date
  • Contact all local shelters and rescues to notify them of your missing dog.
  • Share (if comfortable) on social media to help bring more awareness
  • Post flyers with a recent photo including the date your dog went missing
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December 05, 2021 — Amanda Gyetvay