Custom Key Chain & Sticker Combo

Custom Key Chain & Sticker Combo by Yoshie & Co!

*Email YOSHIEANDCO@GMAIL.COM ONE of your favorite pictures and Yoshi & Co. will make them into the most adorable key chain and stickers!

Share the love and memories with custom pet stickers and key chain combo.
  • Key Chain: They use 2" acrylic disc with holographic vinyl/or clear vinyl (your choice).
  • Stickers: They use high quality glossy photo sticker paper that is water resistant and they laminate with holographic vinyl sheet/ or clear vinyl (your choice), so it is scratch-proof and water-resistant.
(Note: while it is water-resistant, it is not dishwasher safe)

  • Vinyl - Holographic (will give it a shine and sparkle)
  • Clear (will enchanced the sticker)
  • Both will make the stickers scratch-proof and water-resistant
(When sending the picture, please insert which vinyl you would like)
After checkout, please send ONE high-resolution picture (JPEG) of your pet to:
  • Once they receive the photo, they will send a confirmation, also please understand that low-resolution can be used, but the image will not be as sharp especially when need to be resized.
  • Size Chart:
Small: 1 1/2-2 (1.5-2)
Medium: 2 1/2-3 (2.5-3)
Large: 3 1/2-4 1/2 (3.5-4.5)
***The final size will depend on the size and shape of your pet in the picture, the above is just a guideline***

***Yoshie and Co will reach out to you if they have questions and/or issues with the picture that was send.

Their editing:
They usually love to keep the picture as is but will crop what is necessary. They will also make it look brighter or darker depends on the photo but will not change the look of your pet.