Dawg Butter Pum'kin Puppers Flavor


Did someone say, pumpkin?! Our pups absolutely loved the Dawg Butter pumpkin pb. I LOVE that it's made with the highest quality ingredients! We love this product for many reasons such as: it's a safe and yummy snack for our pups, made by a local NJ business, and each sale gives back!

Great for digestion. Safe and delicious. Xylitol free. Gluten free.  We start with the highest quality, non-GMO, unsalted peanuts (much lower sodium than human PB) . They are roasted to perfection then we add all-natural honey, cinnamon and pumpkin for digestion. Simple, quality ingredients with nothing added so you know it's safe to give to your best friend. Dogs drool over the delicious taste, they will come running when they hear the jar open. 

Perfect for giving medication or as a delicious treat 

Every sale supports rescue dogs. 

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