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Grab your plaid shirts and book a trip with your pup to pick pumpkins! Our Pawfectly Packaged Fall 2021 Edition has all your fall must-haves! They're pumpkin spice and everything nice.
Pre-order your Fall box now! *Orders placed between September 1- September 10th will be shipped out by September 20th. All orders after that, please give us a 2.5 week turn around from when you order to when you receive your box. We work with small business orders who custom make your products. Once we receive them, we email you and ship your box out!

We will be donating 10% of our Fall box to Twenty Paws Rescue in NYC!

  • 4 Fall themed Party Pup dog treats
  • 1 LIT Pawpuccino candle
  • Farm Hound jerky treats (4 sample packs)
  • Mutts & Motifs reversible dog bandana (fall design and plaid design)
  • Mutts & Motifs hair ties to match your dogs bandana
  • 1 Otto's coffee OR tea
  • 1 Dog Tag Charm (you will be surprised on the charm)
  • 2 poop bag rolls
*First box will include the poop bag holder that attaches to your dogs leash and any box after that will have poop bags.* Use code PAWFECT if you have more than one dog and want to add additional products.*
The total value of what is inside this box is $100!
    Party Pup
      Each box comes with TWO custom Party Pup Treats and 2 Party Pup mini milkbone!
        Each box will have cookies for the theme/season of the box. Our fall edition will include the puppuccino shaped cookie and squirrel shaped cookie, and 2 milkbones.

        All the Party Pup treats are homemade with all natural ingredients to ensure it is safe and enjoyable for your pup! Your dogs new favorite treat. The pups of Pawtecting Paws love their Party Pup goodies! The ingredients will be on the package as well as in your box newsletter. 

        Ingredients: All natural, homemade. Whole wheat flour, peanut butter, oil, honey, baking soda, water, eggs, tapioca flour. On occasion sprinkles and food coloring is added. White claw treats or any printed logos are made with wafer paper.
          *Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing something new into your pet's diet.

            LIT Candles NJ
              • At LIT Candles we bring the fire to the party, and light to your home. We only use the finest and highest quality ingredients to craft our premium scented soy candles. 🕯

                Each candle is delicately hand poured to ensure every single item we sell is up to par with our high personal standards. 🏆

                Our candles burn slowly and evenly — guaranteed they will leave any space smelling LIT 🔥.

                Each scent sold has been tested by our team members prior to sale, so it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. 👍
                About the Pawpuccino candle:

                A premium essential oil based Pawpuccino candle that will not only reinvigorate you but will also be safe to burn around your furry friends!

                Using a custom blend of FDA approved, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, vegan essential oils this whipped cream candle combines:
                lavender - to help calm anxiety, soothe nausea and relax stressed fur friends

                chamomile - to calm nerves, ease stress and soothe upset stomachs

                cedarwood - to support the respiratory system, encourage proper lymphatic flow, calm stress and help ward off insects and pests

                frankincense - to support digestive tracts and aid with overall health
            Plus, this Pawpuccino whipped cream candle is crafted using luxurious, non-GMO soy coconut wax along with carnuba wax jimmy sprinkles and a single natural cotton wick ensuring a slow burn
            All candles are crafted in small batches, hand-piped and poured into a beautiful wide mouth glass amber jar accompanied by it’s own metal candle jar lid.
            Note: Dogs are far more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. Dogs have more than 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to just 6 million in humans. This means that their sense of smell is incredibly powerful. So, our essential oil insect repellent spray is appropriately diluted to reduce volatility.
            Safety Precautions: A rule of thumb when using oils around pets is to take some safety precautions. For instance, never store any product with essential oils in a place where pets and children can get to them. Keep them stashed in a high cupboard or carefully locked away in a sealed tub. For external use only - never ingest, lick or consume essential oils. Be sure to keep candles out of direct sunlight. Keep free of debris.
            Product Usage Recommendation: Before using over long periods of time, first test burning the candle for a short amount of time with the door open so your pet can leave the room if they want. It's recommended to burn it for at least 10-15 minutes. Any sneezing could indicate the essential oil is bothering your furry friend, so be sure to watch for this and discontinue use if this occurs. If no changes occur, continue use for longer periods of time.
            Important: Stop use when only 1/2 inch of wax remains
               Mutts & Motifs
                Custom hair ties for you with fall designs to match your pups bandana!
              • Your pup will receive (1) two-in-one bandana. Plaid on one side and a fall design paw on the reverse! Have your pup rock this and match them with your hair ties.
              • X-Small: 5-6in x 4.5in - This size is ideal for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers
                Small: 7-8 in x 6 in – This size is ideal for pets less than 15 lbs. (Example: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug)
                Medium: 11-12 in x 9 in – This size is ideal for pets 16 - 40 lbs. (Example: Corgi, Beagle, Australian Cattle Dog)
                Large: 13-14 in x 11 in – This size is ideal for pets 41 – 75 lbs. (Example: Labradors, Huskies, American Pitbull Terriers, German Shepherds)
                X-Large: 16-17 in x 13 in – This size is ideal for pets more than 75lbs (Example: Great Danes, Bloodhounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Irish Wolfhounds) If your pet has extra long fur we recommend sizing up! If you need to add additional bandanas, head to our shop!
                  Otto's Coffee Shop
                    "Hello, my name is Otto. I am a 10-month-old puppy, born on a farm in Ohio. My mom is a Husky
                    and my dad is Pomeranian, so they call me a Pomsky. On a bright sunny day of summer 2020, I
                    traveled to New Jersey to find my furrever home. As I continue to grew up, I have learned that my owners
                    REALLY need their coffee. So, I decided to start my own online coffee shop. Talk about the best of both worlds - a Pomsky and coffee! A cup of coffee, a splash of milk, and a pinch of sugar goes a long way
                    in the Otto household. With each purchase, a percentage of the proceeds with be donated to a local animal shelter."
                    Choose between ground coffee OR tea!
                        • Coffee: -Otto's Original Roast: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Medium Roast. Original Roast.  -Otto's Coconut Crazy: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Light Roast. Toasted Coconut. -Barking Back Roast: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Dark Roast. French Roast. -Pup-A-Nilla Nut Brew: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Light roast. Vanilla Macadamia Nut. -Nutty For You Brew: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Light roast. Hazelnut. -Cup of Zoomies: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Medium to Dark Roast. Italian Espresso. -Barking Decaf: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Medium to Light roast. Gold Roast Decaf. -Decaf Pup-A-Nilla Nut Brew: 10oz bag of coffee/Ground. Light roast. Decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut.   Tea: Mixed Dog Tea has smooth green tea leaves with a blend of sweet tropical fruits. This blend is healthy and refreshing, rich in antioxidants.  Or Otto's Breakfast Tea is an original breakfast black tea. It is a robust, wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves from Southern India.    If you need reusable k-cups we are able to offer those as well for an upcharge of your box for $5 for 2 reusable k-cups. 
                      Farm Hounds Treats
                        • Farm Hounds are dog treats and chews that support family farms, regenerative agriculture, and humane farming practices! We are happy to have these as a staple Pawfectly Packaged product! Your pup will for sure love these treats! All the Pawtecting Pups can tell you they LOVE them! A little about Farm Hounds: "At Farm Hounds we partner with small family farms to source clean, pastured products that are free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. We choose this path, not only for the quality small farms can produce, but to also support working farms and their communities. On every bag we make, we put the name of the farm on each bag so you and your customers will know where their treats came from and the farm they are supporting. This also allows each farm to use more of each animal, giving each farm more revenue for their efforts. Each farm that we partner with nurture their lands with responsible caretakers focused on environmental sustainability and raising animals with the respect and honor they deserve. We offer a wide variety of chews and bagged product. Every product is single-species, and simply dehydrated to appeal to a dog’s natural instincts. No salts, no glycerins, no fillers, and no grains. Just 100% farm sourced animal ingredients!" https://farmhounds.com/pages/faq-support *Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing something new into your pet's diet.
                          Franny B Good Charms
                            • You will be surprised on which charm you get! You can also purchase these as individual charms (here) and collect them! For each charm purchased, we will donate a "adopt me" charm to local NJ/NY shelters/resues.
                            • Handmade in the USA. Women-owned, Chicago based.
                            Two poop bag rolls
                              • Your first box will include the bone poop bag dispenser and poop bags. All box following will include poop bags whether you order single, quarterly or annually
                            If you have any questions, please email info@pawtectingpaws.com!